May 13, 2016


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“Be your one ~ then and only can you love another.” Kellie J. Wright ~ IN

Do your inner soul work: make a deep and longing declaration to yourself to free your life from anything that is holding you back from the light that you know and believe is your truth.

Question all you believe, dive deeper, disrobe mentally. Step into the light. Step into your dark. You do not have to, but happiness is where we find strength. So…where are you looking, for your happiness? What do you feed your vulnerabilities? Which dictionary do you grab to create your mental diet?

Are you using the right words to sing you to life?

Believe me, words matter, thoughts matter, your dictionary of you matters. Do you wander around the same pages of your life year after year? Well…do you? Think about it….then…

I dare you to climb over the top of your assumptions to look at the patterns of your circumference and then make a promise to resist the urge to circle. To listen to the backdrop of your mind, look for variances in your voice, your heart, your wallet, your food, your outlets, your inlets, your words…yes ~ listen to your words to disdain what distant corners may be calling to you.

Is there someone inside of you just begging to be heard, a part of you pressing their nose against the glass of your inner eye held mute behind your eyes? If so, please stop to center yourself then ask this one amazing question, and mean it.

“Am I the one holding me back?” Then wait, and quietly ask again, then again, and each time a little softer than the last. Do you feel something there? Something a little bit deeper than: your menu, your wallet, your choice of television shows, repetitive music, or anything else that is holding you captive ~ something that is asking you to breach out of your reality?

Do you feel it? Maybe you can, or cannot make it out, but do you know it? Maybe you are afraid to speak the words to anyone because your fear is that you will actually break apart.

If so, oh, please do not be scared, for you are not alone. I too was once there, and I made it through. Many times now, and several rounds around the bends and illusions of self.

The good news is that I made it, and ~ I am here. Called to guide others, so you can too. But first you have to ~ reach out to take that first next step. Be brave to dare to see what you already know.

There are many awake to guide, others who heard the call first, so find someone you connect with, and then reach out to start the journey to clear false self, fear, ego, and pride.

It is baby steps, it is truth, it is ugly, it is beautiful, and it, my friend, is soul freeing. Hands up it is the best gift you will ever give to you, or ever receive. For the gift of loving and accepting you for exactly who you are and who you came to be is priceless.

~ I took an Enlightenment Intensive three June’s ago, and I pondered a question. “Why does a caged bird sing?” I had never read the poem by Maya Angelou, but know the name, and this is my answer that came “Because She Is Happy”.

Internal Narcissus believes that when we are happy there is no cage. We make the best of our lives in every situation. Trusting, God, and knowing that he has his hand on everyone and everything at all times.

This is the transformation at its Genesis, and once we are free from fear connected in real-time by being the gift of loving who we are for who we are…then we recieve the gift that lights every day whether good or bad.

It is all a choice. This is for sure, but it is not so simple to just say these things we have to walk through ourselves and sing ourselves back to life. Just like learning to love ourselves…we must chose to accept ourselves the whole way through and back. Freeing old songs to flee, so we can sing new ones to life, so we can start to live again, to grow anew, and love ourselves faithfully, so that we can truly love others.

It is a circle. It is life. It is us.

Kellie J. Wright
Voice of Internal Narcissus
Transformation Guide at Internal Journeys


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