Circles and Rings

Apr 13, 2016


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If you think you are alone in your lesson. Stop for just a second then put your hand to your chest. Touch your heart. Close your eyes and breathe in one deep breath. Upon slowly exhaling know that we are all in a lesson. Our lives are living lessons. Some of us are aware of this, and some are not. Others are on the tip of this knowing. Sitting at the cusp of an awakening one sip from all that will harken them forward into the light.

Awakenings are happening daily, some maybe in the middle of this reading, or in a dream later tonight (And so it is.), but there is one thing I do know faithfully and believe with all of my heart. God can wake us up in a split second once we are surrendered in the right frequency. Completely open and ready to do thy works not thine. Dedicated to the truth no matter what it looks like on the outside.

No one is immune from their lessons, either. The lessons of love and fear, and all of their joys and heartaches are a part of the designer seed given to us through birth. Seeds that burn us from the inside out while trying to connect in real time. How we grow forward depends on a lot, and is all a part of an unfolding belief that we can change the way we feel about ourselves one thought at a time. Oh no, we cannot just want for these chasms to be filled we have to leap into them with a passion that is unbridled. We must work for them. We must process all happenings until we have processed all blocks in earnest, or, we circle…

We circle the cave of our heart. Circle the path of resistance. Circle the stairs of trust not being able to fully lay down our pride, but all the while curled up inside like a ball, which is a circle. ~ We circle the memories in our minds. We circle at the invisible wall of reasoning that we did not choose, but keeps us locked in a circle of untruth disguised as a feeling of fearful protection. An invisible boundary to self that shields us from the truth that we are all one. Yes, we are all the lessons and the middle and fourth steps of intended growing-in to be resurrected in the now.

Internal Narcissus believes that if your lesson ends with someone that just means it is taken somewhere else to start again. We cannot escape our lessons they are written down, and love never stops or leaves…it burns into another circle in our cycle of life. Another layer in the ring of the tree of you to circle until the day we hand walk ourself to a fire that is roaring, so loud that we cannot help but walk straight into it; arms at our sides, eyes wide open, mouth agape, and in the sincerest trust that we will finally burn free of the insanity.

Oh yes, we can leave a lesson that stings when we need rest, and we should, self care is so important and we may need too, for this work is hard, but we do take ourselves where ever we go in another ring of time and space. A place to stave off the pain while we circle another lesson that rings…

Rings in our minds eternal. Rings of our tree eternal. The rings in our hearts eternal. The rings in our ears eternal. The rings in the waters of our destinies eternal as the ripples of cause and effect bleed out…eternal.

Oh loved ones, beautiful people, please, I implore you to find the the pain in the fears of your sorrow that have not yet deemed you worthy enough to be faced. To not keep taking them from one place to the next, and give your self a chance to grow-in not circle.

Eternally, Kellie J. Wright ~ Internal Narcissus

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