Mar 26, 2016


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“We have to fade to fly.” ~ Kellie J. Wright

I do not cry about love lost. I usually burn in its memory. I tithe its reflection as it fades, and pine until the last glitter of light gives way. I feel too much, and I do not say enough as I bleed the promise dry before laying the memory to rest ~ Or, that is what I used to Do, for I AM no longer that unwell. The strength of my vanity always a good little girl letting things be, but that was still a prodded side of dark.

I cried en masse yesterday and the day before in a way that was respectful of my loss and the love in my favorite parts of its memory. Then I shed doubt in a final twist as I walked wrung free of guilt straight into a new night of stars, galaxies, and rebirth.

Internal Narcissus knows that we must pay attention to signs, not trust our mind when it is in conflict, and that we must dig deep to find strength to cleanse our memories. Only then can we thrive in our inherently good intentions.

We know right from wrong we just need to be it too, so we can be the people we came to be. Fully resurrected humans who are awake, conscious, and full of wonder and awe.

Be your own best friend and spiritual travel guide. I will show you how, but you have to do the work. This is about you and no one else. This is a how-you thing!

Come join me and our team at Internal Narcissus where We are learning to love ourselves more everyday, so we can truly Love, Lead, and Guide others. All facilitated by changing the way we feel about ourselves in freeing ourselves from fear one thought, and one moment in mind at a time.


Kellie J. Wright ~ Internal Narcissus at Heart

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