Jan 21, 2016


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“You can only ever be where you are. Where you are mentally has nothing to do with where you are physically. Where you are mentally and physically have nothing to do with where you want to be in your heart, and then again, they have nothing to do with where you are in your heart.”

These operating places are all happening at the same time; dreams, illusions, wishes, intentions, intent, expectations, and promises while all competing for your time. These feelings will override your mind to exhaustion if not understood. Please, it is imperative that We must learn to control our minds by thinking about our thoughts. What compels them, when they happen, and what we do when they happen to start looking for patterns to find our way through the dark to the light.

The corridors of the operating systems are long and deep, it is hard work to find them and even harder to survive the work that must be done to break through, but I assure you worth it in the end. ~ If We do not…we have not understood the first part of awakening…it is in understanding that we do not have to believe the things we think and that we are in control of our minds combined with a complete surrender to God that we will be blessed with this new way to perceive and be present in real-time.

We need only call his name to receive the grace of our first lifting of veil. I pray for all whom are ready and willing to call his name to find the strength to now. And so it is. ~ We are the only thing holding ourselves back from the peace that comes from putting God first.

Kellie J. Wright ~ Internal Narcissus

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