Dec 21, 2015


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“Into the darkest part of my heart I leapt ~ right into the spiral of life, for their was nothing to fear with God as my truth and love as my vicar in flight.”
Kellie J. Wright ~ Internal Narcissus

This is a post to affirm to the universe as self that all of the soul work done with my twin flame is as it ever should be. God has a plan bigger than we can ever conceive and it is less painful the more we surrender, but I assure you that we cannot get to this final surrender without walking barefoot, shell shocked, and naked through the flames of eternity. Where in a final bending the branding of truth and resurrection of future-self washes clean these final distinctions.

This is not a private club, no not at all, open to all whom hear the call and with tireless perseverance carry on no matter what it looks like on the outside. A benevolent gift to those who seek to live life in the NOW. I promise that if ventured with total surrender that all will find their way to and through their selves back home.

Beauteous and outrageous are the ways that I have grown outside any of my original knowing and boxes of conclusions. More than I could ever have conceived, yet here I stand before you in a place that I was completely sure that I had lost faith in along the way, maybe even in that it ever existed, but the heart knew better. Flagged in gratitude and with much clearer vision ~ I know that we can win the war waged by fear and pain against our mortal minds to loosen the edges of our contentions to finally let go and let freedom ring.

And so it is ~ I have a lot to let sink in and to wade through in my transformations, so although I am eager to share, I will always elect to take the this time to grow slow because I know no other way. I am 100% spirit led and never rush ahead of myself. This is how “we do” at Internal Narcissus.

My life is in complete happiness right now, and I am taking the rest of this year to let the love with my love/twin flame and our families settle in and bind with my Internal and Cosmic DNA.

Comfortably, Kellie J. Wright ~ Internal Narcissus at Heart

PS I still have much meditating and work to process regarding my twin flame and the past life soul work we both processed, and will share as it is given. ~ I do know this one thing though, and that is that my personal journey and calling have become more clear and ever present. I pray you will continue to support me on my journey, yours too, as we are all one. In the new year look for new blogs, a new radio podcast, and personal retreats with me as a spiritual-travel guide to self. Life, Light, and Love. <3

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