Twin Flame

Nov 9, 2015


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When you meet your twin flame. You’ll do the hardest work you’ve ever done. Just because they are your twin flame does not mean that you will be together forever though. My truth is that there is no forever ~ everything is just now. What we do to stay in the now dictates together and how long forever may be.

How we talk to one another, how we choose to treat one another, how we chose to listen to one another, and respect our individual stories by not attaching our deepest fears to theirs. It is also in how well we can take care of one another when we do. Knowing how to be able to listen to another’s story without judgement, but instead asking questions to find out how they feel, so as to comfort them. By choosing not to react, but instead ask why am I reacting. Then finally, yes, finally knowing that none of it matters once connected to current moments in the NOW.

My truth is nothing is forever, but love, so in that truth, no matter where we are or what we are doing if we have ever truly connected in real time with another and given all by doing the real work, and have done it with love ~ then there will always be love. Love never dies…

…we can try to bury it, burn it, degrade it, puncture it, deny it, cover over it, or a zillion other things to deny the pain it offers, but once we have connected to another on a soul level, soul mate, or twin flame connection here on Earth that bond will never die.

Internal Narcissus believes that this is what a true-love, twin-flame is ~ It is knowing your compliment in all things; the good, the bad, and the ugly, and still accepting and being a part of that love. Even when you may want to walk away, and always doing the right thing of questioning self by asking the hard questions to find your personal part in any happening. Then vowing to do the inner-healing work no matter what because you have too.

Clearing all fear and rejection to become awake and know that perception and disdain are the final chains baring the doorway that leads to the truth of true-love. Opening a bridging light of clarity to defog the mirrors of our once faithlessness, so that we may finally see each other as the beautiful, imperfect beings that we both are. A love that vows to honestly see the soul behind the flesh everyday. Finally, understanding that nothing is ever personal and that each are doing the very best they can with the only tools that they have. This level of consciousness and rite of passage are a gift from God. To connect in real-time while living and being here on planet Earth, is no joke, and can be had, but it comes at a cost ~ ~ ~ and is, honestly, the hardest and scariest thing that I have ever done that I win then fail at everyday…

Internal Narcissus at Heart ~ Kellie J. Wright

PS I am going to admit that I found my twin flame and I still do not know exactly what that means…I am starting to do some research and will write more on this phenomena as it is given to me, but know that I would not change one thing that we have went through or any of the more than breathtaking moments we have shared because I know as humans we find each other to do this work, for reasons more than I can ever understand, and that this soul-work can only be done with the other here on Earth. All in hopes that maybe, just maybe, together we can break the chains of perception.

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