Grace II

Oct 27, 2015


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“I found to be a woman full of Grace is to become a woman devoid of ego, pride, and fear.” ~ Kellie J. Wright ~ Internal Narcissus

I swear my lessons get keep getting harder, but that’s because I chose to walk a Masters path a very long time ago ~ one that hand-walked me to my twin flame and mirror of my soul. If I was smart I would have probably known this was going to happen. As it is my true love is the hardest and most beautiful lesson/gift from spirit that I could ever have.

Over the past few days I have seen a lot of posts from brave people sharing their pain that is coming at an accelerated cosmic rate of growing, and my heart is so full of admiration and respect. We cannot grow if we do not own our stuff, and oh my goodness is so hard to be a human trying in the year 2015. This is hard work, and I know that we are all doing the best that we can with the tools that we have. This is where I ask us to all be so kind to one another, for these are tough days, and we also must especially be kind to self, take self care, and slow down, please.

Today is the first day I’ve written anything since last Thursday. The last six days have been unrealistic for me. Really being thrown into the fire of reactions as I try to learn how to remain calm and or the same in the middle of my storms, no matter what is happening. The burning fire of purification meant to cure me to clear old pains and to stay balanced, catching me aflame instead. I admit that I failed more than a few times. Not being able to stay centered, or speak my truth, taking myself away from situations, and trying to control by hiding or deflecting. Relationship work is hard, especially with a twin flame, and I have not been able to stay balanced. I could not find my middle ground through not escalating too high or by sinking too low ~ the ideal is to remain the same as all is the same.

Light is the dark and dark is the light. Love is fear and fear is love. There is no difference when we can stay balanced. Learning to not assign reactions to happenings and being able to stay in love being able to be love. No fear and no revolting instead choosing to turn and face fear defiantly with high beams on. I could not, I tried, ah, but this is hard work.

All is not lost though because I stayed very close to me and observed all, I have too, it is how I do things, working with me even when I have to slow down to a stand still, for I will not lose a battle ever to my mind or more assuredly, never to fear again. I’ve come too far and will never go back. It may take a couple hours or sometimes days to regain the strength when lightning strikes, but the strikes are less frequent, and the time in between the processing becomes shorter.

I learned a long time ago that we are suppose to be in control of our minds not the other way around…but knowing is only the first part of the battle, and I knew this many, many years before I ever was given my divine intervention. I will persevere to resurrect and stand mindless at the end of this soul journey and a woman full of grace.

We are all one,
Kellie J. Wright ~ Internal Narcissus

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