Baby Steps

Oct 21, 2015


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“Baby steps, one step at a time to free yourself from fear. Do not be in a rush, take each step methodically and with intention, for it all adds up.”

I promise that we can change the way we feel about ourselves one thought at a time, one step at a time, as long as we still have the fight in us to do so. What is buried can be unburied, so please never give up on you. This is a process of seeking and questioning to the point of exhaustion and isolation. Then we can apply the information we found and compare it to the actual reality that is.

As we learn to challenge our fear, question it, envelope ourselves in it to understand and process its cause, we can and will slowly free ourselves from our blocks and triggers that we have let control us. We will find ways around and through the lightning strikes, so they do not annihilate us when caught off guard.

We can change the way we think about our thoughts and ourselves if we go slow and are honest with self and others. Being honest is the only way through and the first acceptance of this responsibility…if we cannot be honest the next waves of information cannot come. If we are honest we can change the way we react thus freeing ourselves from pain and negative behaviors that keep us from ourselves and from the love and truth that we are.

Become an Internal Narcissus by diving-in to find who you came to here be. Learn to love yourself for who you are, free yourself from fear, ego, and pride that is holding you prisoner.

Learn to love yourself, so you can love others. It’s a circle.

Comfortably, Kellie J. Wright ~ Internal Narcissus

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