Mini Check-IN October 20, 2015

Oct 20, 2015


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Dear Inner-Circle:

Today I start my study and research on Twin Flame. This is my reasoning regarding such subject before I started my Spiritual Transformation and journey 3 years ago:

1. Never heard of them (just soul mates)
2. Heard of them and chose to not believe (did not resonate/too jaded/thought it had just to do with romantic love)
3. During my 1st 90 day spiritual transformation decided and declared live on air (IN Radio) that God is my Twin Flame
4. Then there was him…hand-walked and spirit led to seven doors down from mine

In a post from peer and friend, Daniel Nielsen’s on June 7, 2015 I was alerted to the phenomena in my midst. I knew in my very fiber that I had met my twin and he lived about 7 doors down from me. We had found each other through God’s hand. ~ When I started my 3rd transformation in body which I thought was to finally learn to play guitar and take vocal lessons I never knew the dark roads it would take me down in love and death of pride, self, and ego; immediately thrown into the hardest soul work imaginable with my twin flame, my love, and friend.

This is no joking or romantic love matter ~ this is inner-self work that is a matter of the soul kind, and entirely of another resonance. The most beautiful and degrading soul splitting and disrobing of self you will ever come against. I am now moved to find out more in regard to Twin Flame.

My life has been a series of mystical experiences and side shows that I have kept track of, and most recently since March 13, 2013 ~ through my blogs, radio podcasts, youtube videos, and my book. I follow spirit 100%; one has to be free from fear and ego to follow such a path and the further we go in the more there is….a mass conjunction of heart and space time to the freeing of self that is the most illuminating gift that I have…these gifts manifest as they can, as we can receive them, so this is not a how to thing, it is a ‪#‎howyouthing‬.

Tell me, how will you find your self, learn to love yourself and God first, so you can then free yourself from ego, fear, and pride to find true love and happiness that exist inside of you? **** NO one can give you these things, we already have them, we only need ask to find the keys to unravel the mess in our heads that keep us from our unique eternal truth.

SO —- A quick share I found when I started diving in to Twin Flame today:

It is the same doctrine when Kabalists assert that in the beginning of the world souls were created by God in pairs consisting of a male and female. The twin-soul here is a product of the primary creation; the single soul belongs to the second creation. The doctrine is apparent in the first chapter of Genesis, when Adam was created in the likeness of the Elohim, and was both male and female. Whereas in the second creation (ch ii) man, or Adam, is not a twin soul; he is fashioned singly, and the woman is taken from the body of the man to form a consort for him. ~ Ancient Egypt – The Light of the World – See more at:…

I am going to research and then meditate to download more information on Twin Flame. Follow me on my journey, yours too, for we are all one.

Kellie J. Wright ~ Internal Narcissus

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