Hearts and Souls

Oct 18, 2015


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Hearts are beautiful souls ~ open yours to come alive. ~ Kellie J ~ Internal Narcissus

A heart that is kept from loving and being open is starved from it’s essential master plan of existence here on Earth: we are meant to love each other, we are meant to love ourselves, and to love God. Please forgive anyone who got in the way of you and those dreams that we are all given as our birthright including yourself, for if we cannot forgive then we lock ourselves underneath layers of misery that will keep us from the truth in the heart of everything, and there is only one truth…that we are here to be love.

I know as a nation, as a country, as a people that we can rise above the fear and pain that has been inflicted on our mortal hearts to free our souls to open up to the beauty of love that we all come from, our creator, and whom we are a part of and will return one day. We need only seek, we need only call his name, and he will hear and answer: one heart at a time, one personal call, for we cannot do this for another. Each individual human being must save their own heart to free their soul.

What do we have to lose by taking a chance to quest further inside to find the truth and the knowledge buried like a time capsule inside of us that will free our minds? I implore you to take a chance: if you are skeptical, if you are in fear, have given up, are lost in muddled thoughts, if you have forgot or lost your place to please try again. I assure you that each time we will Grow-IN further ~ that we can reach this place inside of us anytime we so wish again and again as soon as we accept that we are the only thing holding us back.

I am a walking testament to the truth and the beauty of never giving up and surrendering completely to God to find your way through into the light of this new day and into your new thoughts and new world that you will co-create with creator and is yours to design.

Internal Narcissus believes there is no greater joy of a human soul than to give and receive love freely. Follow me on my journey, for this will go on until the day I leave here because it is my service for the life and the love and the grace in the beauty and forgiveness that I was given to stand free and tall in my own resonance, so I may have the life worth living and sharing with others that has been my whole quest.

Kellie J. Wright ~ Internal Narcissus

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