October 13, 2015 Mini Check-IN

Oct 13, 2015


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Hello Inner Circle,

I am just floating on air today! These thoughts came, so I am going to share:

I promise that if the hard work is done and you truly surrender by asking the hard questions of self: I mean really hard questions…even beat yourself up a little to get to the truth (this means not falling for the tricks of your mind) that you will wake up one day so filled with self love and self worth for your own being and essential place here on Earth that you will be free!

A part of this exponential growth is that you will then start to question it all too; wondering if it is real. I assure you, my friends, that it is. Especially if you have done the work and have given all to tear down old shrines, blocks, and barriers. Yes, your dreams will come true and it will be so amazing and feel like it is all happening at once, so much that it will take a little time to acclimate to this transformation.

So this is where I please ask you to STOP…then take a deep breath and remember you have been working a very long time on these epic leaps of soul work and personal growth leading to everything that you asked for! That they did not appear out of thin air or happen over night. Say to yourself these words:

I deserve all of the things that I have and worked so hard to be. I fought for myself and this new life and worked harder than anything than I have ever worked on before in my whole life, so I am worthy of the gifts that come from it. I worked hard to become the person I am today and sacrificed much to be present in this new state of mind and frequency, so I AM ready to grow in its goodness and keep becoming…

Then Take a minute to give yourself credit for all you are achieving everyday just by being alive and present! Accepting your hard won battles while standing in the flame of truth to burn away the distance being bridged in this new transformation because it is all placement and relative to time, so you and God got this!

I know because I am doing this today. I stared down the demons of fear, pride, and ego to find true love, truth, and clarity in a level of consciousness that does not go backwards. ~ If this is what you are doing too! Do not be afraid and do not go quietly into the night…stand up and know love won and fear lost…then share your new tools and gifts of love with others, for WE are now connected in real time with the divine love of God that we come from. Co-created by our intentions to connect in real time that he brought us through, so, we are deserving! & Remember to Revel in the gifts you fought for while opening your heart to receive all gifts of love.

Comfortably, Kellie J. Wright ~ Internal Narcissus at Heart

No take backs!;) ~ Life is so good! ~ God is real and a part of us ~ we are not separate! Talk to him, tell him what you want then tell him you are ready for the next level up! #internalnarcissus #transformation #weareallone #yourdeservethetruth #author #blogger #podcast #spiritled #retreats #twinflame #truelove #mentalhealth #werisebyliftingothers #♥

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