Sep 28, 2015


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“I want to grow old with you.” Photo and Quote By, Jaymz Kennedy


A lot of times in life people run away instead of digging-in. Dig-in, I know it’s hard, for I was a runner most of my life, but once we slow down we will understand who we are and can understand the thoughts of another. It is when we can understand the thoughts of another in a lexicon of love that we can help each other through the sidewinding gates, stony paths, and over hot rocks ~ all the way into the coolest ocean to breathe again free. True love will last and test us, but it will never leave us alone, for it it will find a way through.

I have watched people run from love and watched people dig-in to stay. Never until now have I seen the grace and the beauty in those who hang on to dig-in. Especially when other people are quick to judge because things happen or appear to go wrong and they need us to react in a certain way, so they can feel safe, so that we can make them feel safe. Here is where I dare you to be your own boss, your own judge, and your own spectral guide.

Sometimes we just need to slow down and not move so fast. This world has created many ways for us to escape our feelings and not deal with the pain and lose of love, so if we can, we must be brave and prove otherwise. I ask you these ultimate questions “What do you have to lose by trying? What do you have to lose by digging deeper? What are you loosing by not taking another chance? What if you have everything to gain then wouldn’t it be worth everything to hang on?

If you come this far shouldn’t you dig deeper then ever before and double down ~ go all in? People are worth it, love is worth it, truth and acceptance are worth it. We are beautiful creatures, so plagued with drama and ridicule from ourselves, let alone others ~ is it not time we lift each other up and support people to be who they are not who want them to be? To love each other through it all as we are growing-in. Helping each other shed light on darkness, so love can prevail. Choosing love over fear, no expectations, just illumination…

Internal Narcissus believes when we choose to love someone we choose to love their light and their dark, and all of the moments in-between. Honoring all of their wounds and places of darkness as much as their light and ability to love. These balances will shift and change as we heal each others inner happenings through love, acceptance, caring, and forgiveness. No one said it was easy to find true love, life is not a Disney movie, and it hurts to be a human-trying. Especially one that is trying to heal, but it is through this pain that we bloom to resurrect in the gold.

I found that it is through the deepest surrender of self and disrobing of pride that we can care and love another for who they are without expectation, and forgive ourselves for who we are when we react in that sameness. Remarkably, this is how we become the enlightened beings that we came here to be, there is no other way.

Loving someone means loving them the whole way ‘around’ the moon and back, and we all know their is a dark side to the moon. We are the light and dark of each other and the music in the song that keeps us coming back for more.

Comfortably, Kellie J ~ Internal Narcissus

Dedicated to Caz Wilding. My Twin Flame, who helps me grow in the deepest darkest most freezing and freeing ways I could ever have know. There are no words to thank you, so I will simply love you, always.

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