Aug 27, 2015


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Why do you always think what you see is the lesson, or what you feel is the truth? Sometimes these are just the caveats, and or side effects to the real lessons to be learned. This quote was given to me by spirit the other day “Sometimes everything has to happen, for something to happen.”

This is where I ask you to open your mind to expand your horizon, and to not dive into the moments happening so quickly, but rather to stay still ~ maybe even sit right down in the middle of them if you must, but I beg you to please STOP to listen further and ask many questions, for sometimes the first reactions are not the cause or real, they are merely explosions blocking out reason.

Once these blasts calm, fits silence, pouting stops, or mourning subsides the first day of reckoning can bloom and real business can start. Intended lessons can be revealed when we are quite never when we topple over or run by them. ~ I know this is hard and tricky stuff here, for there are many lessons deep within memories muddled between life journeys mixed in different people and places that it can become overwhelming because we are all connected, and because we effect each other from the top of the monarchy down: until this place becomes radical and unsafe.

This is why we have to try to be so careful with each other, for we have the ability to affect everyone that we are in contact with when perceived lightening strikes. When we chose fear over love and react, or, do not react by blocking. Either way we are affecting all we love when we harm ourself by not not growing through intended lessons. These shifts are emotionally charged and armed with our survival mechanisms. They create energies in these moments that derail love and peace, and do damage that is sometimes un-repairable when we take the form of these loose cannons.

Internal Narcissus believes this is why we are drawn to each other though. This is why we find each other too, so we can try to grow and heal with matched frequencies and unlearned lessons carried forward in our soul journeys. The further we have gone in our soul work the more perfect our matches become, but in turn the harder deeper work that is still needed to be done is matched too.

This is why I use dream work to move through soul memories. I dive deeper to find where we left off before once found again in the here and now. This is also why I try to be present and curled up in current time. Reading our stories out loud to each other in the safeness of confidence and trust bestowed upon another. Creating real time chapters in our book of reasoning and knowing. Believing that we are explicitly beautiful on our own, but even more so as a team trusting that everything is happening for a reason.

Oh my goodness this does not mean that we go through these things gracefully all the time, or that we will not stumble and fall with wreath in hand while planning a mass exodus in fear. I assure you whoever you were/are will show up in the middle of learning how to do this thing called life better. It will happen, but if you have done your work then you can start to call it quicker, and stop the insanity sooner.

Learn not to punish yourself or others in the middle of being human. For we will do things that push us and the people we love to our limits, but these limits can become arms of clarity once we learn to love each other like Jesus would, like God does, like Buddha, like Mohamed, like Great Spirit ~ Like a saint would, as Creator does.

It says love thy neighbor, and is says, do unto others as we would do unto ourselves. I pray right now that we can love ourselves, and do unto ourselves, so we can in turn truly love thy neighbors and do unto them as we would do unto our selves. So, this is where I repeat that we cannot love another ever, unless we truly love and accept ourselves. We can go through the actions, and we can do all the things that we believe are loving and look right on paper, but until we can sit in love with someone loving them and being with them in their pain while learning to not run away or react because we have dealt with ours, and understand how to, it is not love, but a version of love that we have sold ourselves on, or accepted a long time ago.

I believe these are the lessons begging to be learned, every-time, when “Sometimes everything has to happen, for something to happen.” It is so we can grow past our minds to find our inner truths and our inner reasonings that are buried deep within the well of our existence. To become conscious of life and all the beauty that she radiates from within us from one heartbeat to the next, one chest to another, one smile to other, one sometimes to the next…

Internal Narcissus at Heart, Kellie J. Wright

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