Aug 19, 2015


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This morning I saw that my FB friend from Australia, Robert Mittiga, liked a comment on one of my old posts with my youtube page link. It took me back in time to my 2nd 90 day transformation that was to become Organized in mind, body, and soul. I was spirit led from my home state of Washington to Malibu, CA for Oct and Nov at a retreat in Latigo Canyon ~ then back and forth between WA state and LA during the holiday’s before I was again spirit led to Sky Valley, CA. Wow!!! Looking back now….that was wild. 🙂

I checked-IN by video blog for 13 weeks as I lived and grew out loud. You can watch the transformation and the toll it took on me, for this transformation was intense and took me to the dark night of my soul. Fortunately, I made it, and you will too…take a chance to change the way you feel about yourself by doing the hard soul work. I promise you that the other side of you is so amazing! I am more than ever an Internal Narcissus, are you?

Follow me on my journey as it continues during my 3rd transformation that is a transformation in body…believe me it is not what it sounds like, but those results are turning out to be pretty amazing side effects/perks…

Here is the link to the my you tube videos, if you care to check them out, and please share them too because it is from and through each other that we grow in our greatest leaps and bounds!

Finally Comfortable IN My Own Skin, Kellie J. Wright ~ #internalnarcissus #transformations #mentalhealth #onelove #selflove #worldwideselflove #blogger #author #youdeservetoknowthetruth #shinebrightin YOU!!!

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