Jul 30, 2015


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“We do not change the world, the world changes us.” Kellie J ~ Internal Narcissus

Last night, Caz, jokingly said to me “What do you think you are going to do change the world?” I said no, we cannot change the world ~ the world changes us. I will add that it is how we change ourselves internally that will shift our words round delivering an awakening of self-love that can range world-wide. Opening our hearts to truly love ourselves and others while participating in real-time as our authentic selves. My last two and half years did just this ~ thankful and full of gratitude I am finally at home in my mind.

I took this picture early this morning after my daily meditation, laps, and sit ups that have become a part of my morning routine in this 3rd 90 day transformation; this one is to transform the body. I am awakening my core resonance from the inside out touching every sinew of its flesh, organs, and all the lovely bones and joints in-between. This is so I can be present in both mind and body. I believe it is imperative that once we heal the mind we must heal the body, for the total mind body connection. This is the only way to truly be free to connect to spirit 100% in every level of the senses here on planet earth.

The picture attached to this blog is one that I want to share to show the beauty of the place that spirit led me and where I live, love, and heal more intensely each and every day. Finding and having true love, participating in daily: meditation, chakra balancing, swimming, power-walking, weights, mineral spas, and diet are all part of my morning and night rituals in this second round of awakening and healing that is setting this cosmic-spiritual-misfit on fire!

I have been moved to offer one-on-one retreats and am taking reservations. Each visit is personal and in real-time with spirit led conversations, meditations, yoga, planned meals, spa and mineral baths, and lots of rest and alone time to listen further. Contact me by email kellie@internalnarcissus.com ~ And so it is. Thy Will Not Thine.

I am Growing-IN and getting stronger every day with the intentions of my breath and desire to have a life worth having and sharing with others. Ready to guide and be with those who are ready for the next steps in their journey. While always insisting that we do not need to go far to find the oasis of our hearts to connect in real-time. Sending Love and Light.

Finally Comfortable IN My Own Skin,
Kellie J ~ Internal Narcissus at Heart

Photo credit: Kellie J ~ Sky Valley, CA.

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