Jun 21, 2015


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Today in commemoration of Father’s Day. I think about the three fathers that I have and how each raised me, the three uncles that married in and become a really big part of my upbringing, plus one blood uncle who was too for a brief minute in time. For it all too real that it takes a village and that we all rise when we raise others.

As children we cannot know the sacrifices our parents made, or why they had to make the decisions that they did, or how they gave up all to try and do the best they could when it looked like something else on the outside. I have my biological father, my father who raised me from eight weeks old to a tween, and my father who raised me from tween and is still the only father I’ve really ever known. He has lifted me up and supported me through all the good and the bad, and never stopped loving me the whole way through.

This shows that all lives are never easy, and the strength of some who are able to push down their own dreams and desires to provide and take care of their own. Sometimes with no other reward but the love of doing it and knowing that they are making a difference. It is in this moment that I would like to take this moment to tell my stepfather and daddy, James Strait, thank you. Also, to thank all the men mentioned above that helped raise me, thank you, for being in my life and each of their perfect gifts of being exactly who they were that helped me to become exactly who I AM.

Life is ever-changing and as we move and grow the best we can do to honor those we love and whom have loved us is to love them back the whole way through. Wishing love and happiness to them whether we see them or not. I am a firm believer in that we create the reality of our lives through our thoughts and dreams. That our life energies becomes the energy of our thoughts, and what we think about others, buried memories or present day, define and effect us and them in real-them.

So it is imperative that we be careful that we try not to judge and that we do our best to honor others and ourselves. Dig deep to find the truth and seek the honest answers of our stories. Internal Narcissus believes that we are all humans trying. That love, laughter, and breathing are the three crowning gifts given to us at birth that are woven into our internal DNA. That when we deny them is when we are sad and when we rage out against others and self. Causing internal and external wars ~ sometimes as close as the same bed, as as close as our own head. Thoughts that orchestrate our most passionate relationships to the ones that wage throughout the common day extending out to the boundaries of our placement, cities, states, continents, and other far reaches of this planet…I believe even further.

I pray today on Father’s Day that all fathers are loved and cherished for doing the best that they could or could not with the only tools they had at that time. Believing that we must honor the men in our lives for they to need feel loved and cherished just as much as the women and children do. So Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there including our most dearest father, Creator, who brings abundance to our lives everyday and has his hand on each and every one of us to learn who we came to be, and is ready to lift the veil of confusion at any second, so he can connect in real time with us once we realize he has always been there deep inside and within us.

Kellie J ~

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