Jun 7, 2015


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“Everything we are sold is prepackaged. Our food is prepackaged, our houses are prepackaged, our music is prepackaged, our entertainment is prepackaged; do not let them prepackage your soul.” Kellie J ~ Internal Narcissus

Everything in life is pieced together. Hand walked and mysteriously led as we blend and move in words and pictures. Visual stimulus and ocular orgasms conjured through rhythm, rhyme, tempo, and color. A coded psychology to put us into boxes of packaging for societies desired wishes and outcomes; but our internal readers know better.

They say follow your rhythm and tempo, follow anything that leads from the heart, from your soul strand. Do not let this mainstream world package your shine. Create your own packaging, design a label of your personal branding, the one you came with, for this is what our world needs.

It does not need us to redesign our bodies, or unfold our hearts to redress them in the latest fad. Rather we need to press ourselves out to the edges ~ stretching out as far and wide as we can to tend our pain and sorrows. Washing self clean with love and forgiveness while shaking out the poisons, toxins, fears, and restlessness. Yes, these are the items of prepackaging that we must eradicate, so that we can shine bright in the hues of our own intentions.

Choosing to tattoo love and joy across our bodies knowing that they will never fade or die. Creating testimonies and testaments to package the passions and travesties that have gone on or within, but are all still LOVE. Taking life as our gift in anyway that it goes, and knowing that our internal intentions and desires are brilliantly ours, and we suffer when we are not being true to our self. We must cleanse the Walls of our hearts. Take off all the designer brands, labels, miscued: assignments, arguments, and soundbites, and anything else that is bindings us that simply does not belong.

Stripping down to our nakedness while running through the rain of our heart that is cleansing our inherently good intentions. Yes, Hard Rain to dissolve all the triggers and blocks meant to open us up to the beauty that is us in the undivided quarters of the internal byways of our mind, bodies, and souls.

Internal Narcissus is refusing to suffer, anymore, from wrong packaging. Making a declaration to stand up resolute in how far I will let this unpack-aging take and excite me forward. For it is all too clear that we must be sure of what we are feeling, what we are thinking, what we think we know, so as to not let the weight of this worlds illusions keep us from the participating in what is the greatest joy of a human heart; which I believe is to give and receive love freely.

It is in this declaration that my words and thoughts become my own. Deciding to throw away unfinished songs, and create new ones, for Love is the master plan and we are never too old nor too far away from source or the long and winding road home we call love.

Always, Kellie J ~ Internal Narcissus

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