May 31, 2015


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Patience, she’s a virtue, she’s a star, she has hope sewn into the curtsy of her bow. She’s a titaness, she’s a replica of what is and what will be. She asks me to be kind and gentle with myself and slows me down in the middle of my day when my heartbeats hurry; there’s time she says, always more time.

Never look back she says, for you cannot catch up to something that is behind you. Keep your eyes steadily forward she says, take your time, go slowly, and focus on the horizon of your thoughts as you meditate them into a brand-new day with your good intentions and carefully chosen words.

Patience please, ahem, do not mix her up with her twin sister, Persistence. For if time is money and time waits for no one; Patience is fine right where she is. Patience catches her breath as she steps slower into the step that she thought she was going to step quicker into righting the circumference of her heart because she has knowledge of what really matters.

She is not a top 40 hit or a rock ballad ~ No, she is a sweet concerto of honorary first seats as solid as their second chair counter parts. High backed and sturdy, Patience knows her part is easy, she has walked slow enough next to Persistence while holding her hand that she memorized all of her parts: an understudy to a principle is as patient as persistence gets.

Patience showed up every day on time, and she listened to each and every word the whole way through. She came to learn not to pass-time, she presented things with care, she rose to the top. Happy enough with her journey of what she came here to do ~ not the one that was sold, given, or insisted upon her. Patience was Persistent in the one area of her life that meant the most to her, and that was her certainty of and in God.

Internal Narcissus believes Patience is Persistence and together they can weave a fire into your heart that can give you the strength to find out what really matters, so you may know the truth.

Always, Kellie J ~ Internal Narcissus

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