May 17, 2015


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It was all in capital letter, it struck me deeply when I read it and these words came to me. I wrote Cave on December 28, 2013, and I made it an official blog today.

My favorite passage from the Bible is, LUKE 12:34 – For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. So, could then our heart not be a cave? Is it not a place deep and full of mystery with many caverns and crevasses maybe ice crystals and lost treasures? Where is it that our caves lead us and what is it that our hearts hold; and how do we come to the conclusions, or how do we find the distance to bridge the patterns and trails of lost hopes and dreams mingled with the buried treasures within?

See this is where we have to put on our thinking caps and hiking boots to get ready for an excavation of the heart and cave kind. We need to re-map and re-trail new passages of clarity. See I believe there is no place for fear in the cave of the heart. That we must put past fears away, give them to the universe to tend, but we should not hold them in our heart for then we cannot linger in love. Love is truly a gift and to feel it without fear is the most precious of all feelings in the world. Fear will only cloud beauty and the goodness that love should inspire and motivate within one’s heart. Yes, it is okay to catch a glimmer of fear, but it very quickly should be put to bed in another place of mind.

My truth is there is no room for fear in love and love is the most important creature that resides inside the heart of our cave. So we should tend her as if she were something more important than anything at all ~ because without that fiercely protected feeling “feeling perfectly safe” she cannot give us what we need to exist in the middle of a loving universe of self.

Yes, if our heart is a cave then my truth is our mind is our universe and together we can go back-and-forth between each other, but it is only with careful attention to detail and meditation through intent and deep thought that love can participation in our lives. All so we can thrive within ourselves and create the life that we so wish. So as you go out today to reroute your cave and help pave the roads between you and your universe please remember that love is the only thing that matters, but to have love we must learn acceptance of self and others. Only then will our love know that “safe” feeling, and that there are others to match it and slowly begin to breathe then let go to the beauty that is us and all.

Kellie J. Wright ~ Internal Narcissus

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