Perfect Pitch

May 10, 2015


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“My love for you is unconditional. It does not wax or wane with the draw of the moon. It does not hide when sunny days are inept; it is alive and bright on the inside. Pulsing in the hues of your intentions inside the whispers of your beating life force. An internal gift from source allowing you to know that I am with you always, and we are one. A universal song of creation in the hum of your personal signature and key.” ~ Whispers from my mind.

So, I ask which key will you tune yourself to today? Which note will you use to unlock your path? The one outside that is not a perfect fit, but gets you half way through, or the one that you were born with that gives access to the kingdom?

I know sometimes it is hard to hear that perfect pitch inside of us. Sometimes taking it for granted or at other times because it is blocked by the fracture of fear. I know this because I was tone deaf to my own reasoning for a long time while on the path that led me to the here and now, but this song is strong and sewn into the forever part of us, so it cannot leave only fall out of tune. So please remember to be mindful that we are in control of the retuning of our heart-strings.

Maestro of our own injunction, ushering in the first new cords of acceptance and love each and every brand new day; for nothing outside of us can complete us we must complete ourselves. Then and only then can we connect to the wonder in us that has always been and always will be in perfect pitch.

Love Always, Kellie J ~ Internal Narcissus at Heart
One world, one love, one people, one song.

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