Apr 19, 2015


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Revel in the beauty that is you. Cast away all the thoughts that come in that first net of doubt. Throw them far away, and then when you let yourself see the second layer of sediments in the bottom of the second cast, hang onto those thoughts. Revel in that beauty, your core. Find out who you really are: think about the way you move, how fast your heart beats when you are hurried or rushed, when you feel more smooth inside your body, or sometimes do not know yourself.

Find the strength to believe in all of that beauty, that is your truth. The beauty that is innately you, the beauty that is you when you’re shining in all the hues of your own intentions. Yes, those intentions that we talked about in past shows and blogs; the colors that make you smile, the things that make you crave the things that you crave, and make up for the parts of you that you do not understand.

The things that keep you awake because you know they have your interest and that you have an interest in because the feelings have your best interest at heart, and the most important part of your essence is mired deep in there where you can engage a new dialouge with self once you dig in. Finally deciding that you are good enough for you.

Then your real beauty starts to bloom in time with you thoughts. Because we are creating them from the healing energy of our heart. The resurfacing of first smiles brought through the wonderment in your new born baby eyes, and the sunshine that blessed you from behind your heart straight into your heart chakra.

Opening to the full swing of your song booming in your chest. Yes the one where your life beats and is what beauty truly is. Beauty is life. It is realizing that you are enough. It is understanding that you and God have this thing called “you” under control and that together you are a team infallible; full of amazement and wonder.

For there is no greater joy of a human soul then to give and receive love freely, and why at Internal Narcissus, we are learning to love ourselves, so we can truly love others.

This is what it means to give and receive love freely. To know that giving love unconditionally means that you want to give it, and that you are not trying to get anything in return. Being able to receive love: is being able to receive love in its fullness, but not expecting anything else from it, and learning to not want to immediately return it rather accept it and hold it inside as a gift. That is what unconditional love is and nothing more.

It is learning to cut the movies and tapes from your mind and accept life and love for what they are. Being available to see the real beauty which is life and merriment.

Understanding the wondrous feeling in the sound of your beating heart, the crush of soft grass under your toes, the wisp of wind across your cheek, the laugh when you arch your head and see a little hummingbird skim by, or an eagle soaring high.

Yes, whatever we feel we are creating, so we need to make sure that we are where we want to be, and putting our energies exactly where we want things to bloom. Not the opposite, for we do not want to cause things to resurface, rekindle, or be reimagined that we have already processed and done the work on; we cannot have conversations with people in our head, we must have conversations with people in real time.

Yes, all of these things add or subtract to the beauty that is our life because we sway our minds with what we feed them. So please be honest, open, truthful, and caring to each other. Stop wanting things to be exactly a certain way and open your heart to the possibility that you may not have the best next step for you at all times, but that God does, and if we listen he will guide us.

I know it’s hard sometimes, especially when we are dealing in a world of facts, unknowns, or assumptions. So this is where we must slow down to look at the first catch of thoughts and feelings when they come rushing in with tides. Remember to throw back the unwanted thoughts recast then re-think about what is really going on, and how we are in control of our beauty, our reactions, and our mindfulness.

Think about who you are, and how you run your mind and your body. Think about how you used to think ~ then stop. Give cause for how others think and give them a chance by letting them be human too. Think maybe how other people are running their lives may be similar because we are similar.

As well we all come preloaded, so let us unload the arsenal of reactions to move into a Woodstock of song. Joining hands chanting for peace and knowing that flowers are power and that the truth of beauty lies within the breath in the scent of everything and everyone.

Internal Narcissus believes there are angles and guides all around us and we only need ask for assistance when negative thoughts come crashing in that would have us tear ourselves and each other apart instead of revel in the beauty which is us.

Kellie j ~ Internal Narcissus

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