I Broke My Heart

Mar 29, 2015


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“I broke my heart…so, I can un-break it.” ~ In truth this is the truth, for we are, in the end, responsible for all of the decisions and choices we make; the ones that break us and the ones that cure us, for it is all just a twist of our mind.” Kellie J ~ Internal Narcissus

I broke my heart. So I can un-break it. It’s just a twist of the mind. It is just a clip of the thorns, a turn of a thought. It’s choosing to live rather than stay frozen while each day we die a little more and more.

What are we honoring by closing ourselves up? Who are we honoring? No one and nothing if we bar ourselves from joy muted from the truth. If we hold onto values and systems that keep us underfoot, under our feet, under anything, we lose. Everyday we lose when we choose to stay somewhere we do not belong anymore. Whether this is a place, a feeling, or a moment: or choosing to feed a vacant memory that is not happening anymore, moved on, moved out, or evicted.

My truth is that if something is not happening, it does not matter. It is pretty simple, so here it is: if someone is not giving you their time whether in front of you or behind, it is not happening. You cannot feed something back to life with the depth of your sorrow. It will not happen, it is a waste of energy. And it is futile to keep examining it in your mind by yourself.

Please do not do this, they/it/whatever it is/was has moved on, changed or left. So stop to sit and think about how your mind can be a booby trap that can and will pull you down the long spiral staircase of you again, to places you really don’t want to be and have worked very hard to get away from.

If we could just let people go to catch the divine pass of intervention in front of us, we could edge forward into an awakening of such delight, but we are afraid when we feel alone because we haven’t found the strength inside of ourselves to stand up and be completely self-loved. Blaming our pain instead of reclaiming our youth and grow while raising up as we all should and can.

Internal Narcissus believes we are the light inside of us calling us home, and we have had the power all along.

Kellie J ~ Internal Narcissus


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