Feb 20, 2015


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Mining the Soul From the Inside: CH 3 The Brain. Q: Consider the information in this chapter about how the brain works. Discuss the implications and potential applications of this information when it comes to processes of human transformation.

It is apparent that transformation is possible within the human brain. Looking at the model of the brain, and its three different components assure this. First we have the reptile brain, second we have the mammal brain, and third we have the human brain. This shows that we did not only evolve, but kept everything in tact as we dug in to move forward. Never loosing important information and lessons simulated. An intact transformation from one evolution to the next in cellular memory of story as memories in lessons learned from the beginning of time, or our time at least. So I quarry, is there enough room in our head to grow bigger ~ maybe have another evolution of the brain?

We have three different frames that have developed over time.
1. The limbic system
2. The neocortex
3. The primitive brain

What if there was a forth-coming, and yes this pun was intended. What if the fourth brain was a higher bred compilation of all three that we could use at once skillfully, may I suggest even, maybe gracefully? Moving fluidly with each thought within the other not in miscues of misunderstanding in outdated software. But, in real time being able to extrapolate and assess situations bringing us together sooner than the long drawn out process of thinking that we are currently using? Finally able to catch up to ourselves in the now and able to rationalize that we will not die from a spider bite any longer; there are cures for spider bites. Simulating that it is more dangerous to get into a motor vehicle and drive at speeds of 60 to 80 miles an hour. Seriously, more people die from car accidents each year than spider bites, so the mismatched fear attached to both of these situations is not logical.

I want to use a brain where we see no difference between the differences in each other on the outside. Instead we are able to trust instinctively the feelings that we feel resonating in our gut from the other person (yes I am talking about reading their energy and using intuition) as to whether they will harm us or not. Finally understanding that every action is neutral until we assign an emotion to it and that we are in control of the balance in our lives. Thus causing our species to react more sensibly and less irrationally, for is this not what we are working for as a species anyway? In every day that we try to show by being living examples how to be more compassionate, think before we speak, and process before we react. A world where we are doing the tough inner child work to clean the wounds of perception to a blank slate. Electing to not react from a fear based model, but from a truth model connected from heart to brain.

Maybe our heart is this fourth brain, I suggest, and moving from mind based actions to heart based is part of the master plan. For we are pure love designed to excel at love and forgiveness. Learning how to get along with each other in the here and now, so as to better understand and make sense of the things that are happening to us in real time. Loosening old facts and old knowledge buried deep within our DNA that do not pertain to the natural day occurrences that we live in. Liberating our cosmic DNA, so we can live happily in the fourth brain coming, a tandem brain of heart. (James A. Anderson and Edward Rosenfield, EBS., Neurocomputing. Foundations of research Cambridge MIT press oh, 1988, page 2). “ from the inside out certain situations repeat over and over for every member of a species. For example, frogs have to be very good at recognizing flies or they will go hungry. Humans have to be very good at recognizing faces or they can’t function within any human social structure. So there has to be a great deal of specificity in what is stored in the brain.”

So could it not be said that what is stored in our heart memories maybe the next jump in the evolution of the human brain? I tried to look up online and there was nothing of my theory or hypothesis around a fourth/forth brain in the evolution of man (yet).

Always, Kellie J ~ Internal Narcissus

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