January 21 – 30th Check-IN

Feb 1, 2015


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“I live in the now, so I’ve already won.” ~ Kellie J. Wright

My life is guided by God, moon, and sun. There are no clothes or veils to bind me for time has lifted leaving me quite undone. Eyes wide open from first cosmic shifts: recognition and obedience to intuition no longer a chance. Perception is my vision, levity my gait as I walk through another precipice restored by fate. In each step taken my feet sink deeper in ~ to whisper a promise to, Mother Earth, Yes, I am here, I am ready, and it is time to begin. This seekers questing gives way to the next round of alms; lifting my head higher in a mental “holding on tighter” to all of the guides and stars I have ever known. It is easier this way, so much simpler indeed when “and so it is” divides into a deeper meaning of all that is and all that will ever be. It is time to awaken and remember this sacred verse, we are all children of, God in this vast Universe.

Dream works gave me “If I am in the now, I have already won.” Meaning that I have jumped resonance and am on a next level up. For in the short time span of fifteen days, I was shown and moved in not so many comfortable ways. All on purpose though I can assure you this, it was to push me to dig deeper, to listen further, and open next fissures in my internal awareness. What I was shown agitated me enough to take three days of silent self-care and meditation to listen further and find my truths, and I did. As spirit would have it, I was shown that I already have a strong foundation in my sobriety. There was no need to re-learn this one thing inside-out, inside was all I needed. See, God is not outside of me he is inside of me and this was the catch that I could not hear when thinking I had to re-learn lessons I had already been given. My white light experience on March 15, 2015 assimilated these learning’s on a molecular level, so my gift is permanent if I stay in the now. There was no need to explain this to me again, I was full on ready for my next steps in my journey. I got it; another door opens and I ever faithful student follow through without hesitation.

What this means is that I was freed in totally accepting that I already have a strong foundation to stand on. That where and what I am right now is what I accomplished and fought so hard for in the last two years; especially in my 2nd 90 day transformation that ended December 28, 2015. This culmination of successive water works and deep meditative dream works done while working on my heart and throat chakra’s gave me all that I needed to free myself to speak my truth out loud from the heart. No longer trapped in mind based thinking; rather a tandem of thoughtfulness connected back and forth to both. It was a battle that this warrior child won, and I AM now in the now. This acceptance coupled with another surrender on knees, forehead to ground, face to praying hands, pleading thy will not mine provided next steps; and I was on my way to New Mexico to study and heal with a medicine woman whom I had not met, ~ but that has been put on cosmic hold for now.

The Sky Valley Desert has me in her grips and I will be here digging in to see what is next, for spirit has shown me a few unknowns and reminded me I have a few commitments still to sew. I am standing tall and strong resolute in my truths. Healthy and happy taking that next right step to plunge feet first deep into the waters of my awakenings. Sinking slowly with no fear and complete joy at how far I have come, and what I have now; ready to resurrect IN Radio, plan IN’s first spiritual retreat, and publish my first book of blogs ~ All while earning a Transpersonal Degree in Psychology. The days are long and the nights are short, but I am wide awake in the now, so God and my Aunt assure me that I have already won.

Follow me on my journey, yours too if you like, as I grow and live out loud from the center of my wide open heart.

Light, Life, and Love, Kellie J ~ Internal Narcissus

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