Swan Dive

Oct 29, 2014


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“We are divine light radiating beauty from deep within.” ~ Kellie J ~

Beauty is the illusion of thought and what it processes which is choreographed from our mind. The mind is fed from how we feel, so what we see precludes the intent and misdirects of others; peoples, places, and things. Leaving one to ask then where does beauty live? And how is she fed, can she find safe harbor, and whom does she run to in time of need?

Is it not we whom are her best ally and tight wire of her hope and longing, and only place of refuge? I dare say beauty is lonely. She knows not where to turn for a truth that could requite her hearts longing. Which I believe is to be unto herself unscathed in the divine connections brought to life through blood, sweat, and tears in the sweet exhaustion of two lovers’ arms as the spark of life takes its first breath from the warmth inside the womb of all creation and the safest harbor of all.

My truth is that beauty is the light the binds the cells and connects the reactions of time through and to each of us; sparking life beauty in the unique differences of each individual soul. Yes, I believe this is where the truth of beauty lives. Not in the places she plays outside of us, so I beg you to dive-in to find your own perfect life water temperature; performing a perfect swan dive into the depths of your existence.

Always remembering that outside is where the theatre of life is played and inside is the director’s call. I cannot convince you of your innate inner beauty, but I can show you how it looks on my face when I see you and you cause me to ignite a smile from the depths of my cosmic knowledge that you are, and so am I, both here.

Always, Kellie J ~ Internal Narcissus at Heart

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