Oct 9, 2014


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Dear Inner Circle,

Today was a big day in listening further. I was not shining bright at all, and could feel it weighing on me in the middle of what I know is to be happiness. The heaviness just waiting for me to recognize it and do something, do what I normally do – which is stop, stay still, listen to my heart, follow my intuition, and trust my gut feelings at all costs. I’m happy to report that when I did all of these things and made the right choices for me right now that the feelings immediately left. I was at once renewed with my bouncy energy and at peace.

So here’s what I did: I chose to stay home in Malibu and not fly home to WA tomorrow. To continue working on all the things that are current and positive in my life right now, and Believe it or not I am seeing the bounty in it already. More time to prepare for my upcoming radio shows, the chance to record a show with an overseas guest that will be in Canada during the week I am now coming home, and I can have all three of us girls in town to record our upcoming radio shows. Afterwards a road trip with my kitties and belongings back home to my little retreat!

I Cannot wait to get my hands on my kitties and my guitar, but it’s only a little longer now. Internal Narcissus believes we have to trust our instincts, our energy fluctuations, and what the surrounding elements are telling us no matter the cost. Money does not matter here, but our hearts desires that are aligned with our spiritual course and the peace that allows us to shine bright are what makes us rich beyond our wildest dreams and anything in this world. My 90 transformation is so amazing already, and I’m only entering the middle of week two. Stay with me.

Always, Kellie J. ~ Internal Narcissus

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