Aug 21, 2013


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“My innate sense of worth and complete faith in God has accompanied me through some of my darkest hours right into my brightest days.” Kellie J. ~ Internal Narcissus

Please bare with me if this sounds crazy, but I truly believe we should be thankful of exactly where we are every day. I am so resolute in my commitment to my faith that I do not need proof of my creator to go forth in the confidence and glory of which is us. Quite the opposite really, as one beguiled in a mute trust of wonderment and knowing; eyes wide open and as curious as ever to see what can be shown to me next. It is with blind faith that I rarely look before I leap and I stand confident that I shall never hit the ground when I fall. Only because I am completely OK with knowing that where I am going or ending up is meant to be, so there are only opportunities for growth.

My truth is we are here to do the things that we have come here to do, but first we have to remember who we are and what we want to do. Then we have to listen further and open up like a lotus flower to learn the things we have come to learn. This planet is a spinning ride full of passengers on a Global Gondola, and I believe if we commit to the journey in front of us we can forget what we have been programmed to think we want or need and be present in real time.  Realizing what we have right now is enough and that to find our inner peace we must go within. Curing our vision of this place and ourselves by accepting that as we change, so will our circumstances, and we can make the most of wherever we are, whatever we are.  Just as long as we keep our feet moving forward in alignment with our true north charting a course to our hearts true intent and internal pathways of destiny.

Internal Narcissus believes that if life gives us a push we should leap forward into a quest for the things that make us feel beautiful and shine bright. It may be your own back yard, garden, or maybe a charter flight to orbit this colossal planet with eyes wide and starry eyed; but first we must shake the spectacles of clarity into our own 20/20. Opening new pathways in our vision while speaking words of love and giving messages of hope. My truth is we are supposed to be everywhere we go always seeking the beauty in each other and the hidden knowledge within and ready to catch the next flight anywhere our heart so desires.

Internal Narcissus,

Kellie J. Wright

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