Aug 14, 2013


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“Faith is infinite having no beginning and no end it simply is as we are.” Kellie J. ~ Internal Narcissus

Our mind is an internal map of self with many routes to travel. Some routes are scenic while others routes, not so much. For we are regal and complicated creatures fueled by the words we consume whether by sight, sound, or touch.  A banquet of our deciphering that can quickly become a catalyst revving our forethought’s. Causing unexpected layovers at the backdrop of our mind that can quickly turn into a stay-cation if lightning strikes. Sending ourselves careening down a long spiral staircase of us. Picking up max-speed as we round the bend of self-love and good intentions recently laid over the slippery corners of unmet expectations. Awakening the orbiting satellites tracking the destinations of past, present, and future to not blow up when our internal alarm clocks tethered to the forever fireworks in our DNA go off by sending warning shots to our hearts through the hands of time.

OMGoodness, STOP. Life is a ride, but we are the driver too, and it is our decision where we place ourselves on this wheel of time in the form of our train track of destiny. So we have to be present and accountable by developing a good internal system that is trained to keep us growing and moving forward through life. Yes, life is happening and we are moving through it. It does not wait to move through us.

So, if I may, ask you a question. Do you want to be the conductor, engineer, ticket taker, electrician, passenger, or the janitor? We can be whoever we want whenever we want, and we will play all of the parts throughout our life because it is necessary to be a balanced act. But, it is imperative that we remember, we are the train and we are driving through life in real-time. We are not another cog in the wheel, we are our train and our decisions are the track that is being laid ahead of us. That how we live our life is by our design, so whether we keep going down the same routes, or decide to buy or paint a ticket to another destination is completely up to us.

My truth is there are many roads to travel and many destinations in life and at some point they will all make themselves available to us, but it is our choice to believe and have faith that we can go where we want when we want. Knowing that spirit is our inherit strength and our perseverance is our spectral guide. Loving ourselves inside out as we shake off the remaining residue of strife because we are what makes our lives beautiful. Consuming new words to paint a vibrant, beautiful life where we feel safe and loved.  So jump your tracks to see the other side of things and how far you can go while charting a vacation to clarity and picking up a how to book on Astral Travel. Destinations come in all shapes and sizes, so keep on keeping on until you can rest easy in the arms of your hearts desires and inherently good intentions.


Internal Narcissus,

Kellie J. Wright


    • Kellie Wright says: August 14, 2013

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