Jul 31, 2013


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“Time is an illusion, longevity an outcome, life is a chance kissed by the spark of the divine.” Kellie J. ~ Internal Narcissus

Time is an illusion, longevity an outcome, life is a chance kissed by the spark of the divine. Blessed are those who are born to this world under cloak and veil with birth dates clocked by moon and sun. Forever guiding us as we take flight in this alter universe of stars and dust. Some people say time is all we have, but I rally does it not have us; spun in a cocoon of waking and sleeping where it is passes through and from? Suspended animations weighted by our craving to understand everything that we do not. All of us together on Earth collectively trying to unbury her treasures in a quest for knowledge and the ability to take flight. The hallways in our minds really doorways leading us to and from the light and dark of secrets, societies, and days long passed all the while whispering to us through the corridors of our dreams, “Ollie Ollie Oxen Free”.

See, I believe our time here is not equal. That we stop and start in different places as we travel in unknown circles not seen throughout the day. A life process started inside of our mothers where we naturally begin to unfold and bridge into ourselves. Cells within cells splitting and dividing as they assemble to align and decide our fate. Dangers as real as the outside world lay dormant inside and within us. The war within our cosmic bodies and human atmosphere are a duality of a greater and finer nature and complexities. Deities deciding the longevity and routes that we take through each step in this time and place.

The feathers in mind colloquial and ancient rock mixed with iron and fire combustion mutating through the things we do and desire. Internal Narcissus believes that we change our DNA with every decision we make; that we change our cosmic strands of life each time that we imprint and intake. This is why I believe we need to get more in touch with ourselves, so we may learn to see and grow more deliberately.

My truth is we are never the same; nothing is the same, and I often wonder why people always want to keep things the same when we are moving breathing entities. That we are Beautiful people with minds afire and hearts on a journey that never stop even when we are sleeping and dreaming. But, even when we have, we still want, and even though we can see and touch, we still want to see and touch things that we cannot see or touch, nothing is ever enough. Aren’t we enough?

In my mind I want to be a day trader for truth in a free world market society of hope and serenity. Where people are constantly evolving for the greater purpose of knowing we can learn to free our minds by trading one fear or doubt at a time. Connecting right in the middle of our inner heartbeats in real time whether asleep or awake and always questing for a deeper understanding of self; so we can connect to God and the truth and learn to love ourselves so we can love others.

Internal Narcissus,

Kellie J. Wright

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