Jul 10, 2013


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“Souls are pure love and when allowed to shine bright radiate in the purest frequencies; causing doorways in our divine inter-coastal freeways to open in spectral time.” Kellie J. ~ Internal Narcissus

I know some souls are big enough to love the entire world. Only when pulled into these little bodies it is their form we take as we slowly begin to spread out and grow. Stopping in places that keep us close to things like the boundaries of our bodies, hearts, and minds. Wrapped in layers of matter, because we matter. I believe it is to teach us to see and feel closer to objects and things up close and personal instead of being so big and expansive all of the time. This exchanging is a mutable dance of destiny to teach us how to see and feel, and one that could not happen without the other.

I believe this is why our bodies die, but we (our souls) live on. Traveling from and through each other again and again in life-energy connected to our DNA carrying memories, feelings, marriage, losses, alliances, and things that matter from lifetimes before. Each new life individually gift wrapped as we set off to grow and try to find each other through space and time connecting through our intent and internal drives. Trying to find and place our souls next to the other souls we need, miss, and love over and over again, so we can keep evolving while playing the hardest game of hide and seek ever played. One that traverses time, space, our minds and this place.

My truth is we are born and we are spirit bound while our dreams and faith try to align us. This is why we dream of others and sometimes fly with them in our dreams, and we remember things we’ve done with them even if only in a spark of realization. And it is not anything more than the purest energy seeking its likeness in an unadulterated form. We are pure love and when allowed to shine bright radiate in the purest frequencies, opening up on divine inter-coastal freeway’s as we move from a slow crawl to top speeds all in a blink of an eye across all four directions pushed by solar winds from different dimensions. The Purest energies come home, and so beautiful are we when we love freely and are connected in the three alignments that shape and bring us to form which are our mind, body and soul.

I believe it is the souls in our bodies that drive us to look for and seek each other out, so please do not fear the connections you do not understand.  They are spirit memories that are more powerful than what we can perceive trying to break through. But, believing this, we must also know that we are not always in charge of our human bodies, so we must learn how to work with our body and mind that live with and drive our hearts intent. This is where we have to learn how to roam free while understanding not to act impulsively.

My truth is we need to let love be and set it free across the airwaves of mortality ~ these are the words and feelings that I get. I have many in my life whom I love, loved or would, but are always with me connected to my forever sparks woven into my internal DNA and come to visit even if just once in a while in a dream through thoughts on the edge of the wind as they twist in my hair and around my neck stinging my eyes when they catch a glimpse of the sun on the water and in my heart when it expands in the presence of others. Big sigh…Often, I think people mistake the beauty of others as a queue to the animal hunger that lives inside all of us and one that if not mastered can be confusing and become connected to fear and ownership and this does not have to be so.

My dream is a waking dream where we can grow past the fears of connections and learn to be one with the real love that our souls know. Always keeping to our circles of likeness and reveling in their redemption. Awakening forces so strong and deep they take up residence in the middle of our solstice when the sun hits and the moon howls for us because we are alive and breathtaking beautiful. Especially, when we are shining brightly knowing exactly who we are and that we are intergalactic free in the knowing that there is no greater want of a human soul than to give and receive love freely.

Internal Narcissus,

Kellie J. Wright

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