Jul 3, 2013


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“When we vibrate and shine bright collectively, it is a mass connection of souls streaming live”. Kellie J. ~ Internal Narcissus

I believe the things that make us beautiful or feel that way are not things that we put on or use to get by day to day. It’s a feeling that comes through and over us when we are together causing souls to collectively hum. It’s a feeling of bliss in the purest form and the purest high you can ever have; one that makes you smile and feel like you could burst out of the atmosphere.

When we vibrate and shine bright collectively, it is a mass connection of souls streaming live. I love this feeling and when it comes on, if lucky enough to catch it in real time, it can take us another step further. It is like cake or candy of the soul kind, so nourishing for our being. I wish we could feel like this more often not afraid of the rush.  Never feeling distant or awkward when we are near each other, but always feeling loved and beautiful through the music, art, peace, and trust we are creating.

But we hide and we fear and we worry too much and it saddens me. People do not talk to each other enough anymore, so afraid a connection might spark an intrusion. I cannot understand or figure out what intrusion that would be. Yet it is this way even though we so beseechingly need each other.

I implore you to be who you are. The who you were born to be. I know that is not always an easy thing to know and there are a million things and happenings that have went on in-between, but it is dire that we find this out or we may never shine bright. I want the who you are when your alone to be present the one who knows you inside and out and is so perfectly ready to break through in the knowing that it is part of our learning curve. We are meant to evolve and change (smiling) as if we have a say.

My truth is we have to love everything about ourselves so we can love others too. Once we learn to love our lips, thighs, buttocks, eyes, skin, nose, knees, ankles and toes. Our past, present, and our futures we will be home. Honestly, I think we take ourselves too seriously forgetting this is life and it is not perfect and that is what makes it beautiful. Once we do this we can accept and love others for their selves and not judge them against ideas that have nothing to do with either of us.  I dare you to not care what society says and find your own beauty by accepting and loving yourself first, but most of all learning to embrace and love your mind. Making it your ally and confidant becoming best friends with your thoughts because they are your true North guiding you to your inner pride and self which dictates everything that you do. This is the place where you should feel safe when you are alone. The safest place to go rest when things get a little crazy or do not make sense. I swear to you there is nothing ugly about any human except when they are not a human trying.

We are everything beautiful and fruitful from our creator through our parents and the things that we have learned, unlearned, and are learning. The want and desire in our hopes and our dreams is us wanting to shine bright not us trying to hold ourselves back. I believe if we become small first instead of trying to encompass the world all at once that we can change our mind one thought at a time. Creating a truth that is believable then placing self right smack in the middle of our best intentions.

I know there is nothing more lovely than waking up in the leading role of your life. I am living proof of this. Please remember that you are the most important character in your life. Never let anyone take that coveted place or give anyone the power to take away your shine.  Your victories and losses are your own skin sheathed in a million miracles called cells that have given you a place on planet Earth that is totally capable of defying gravity. We need to rally to our own cause knowing we can affect the life we live one memory one new thought at a time and always more effectively when we are together causing our souls to collectively hum.

Internal Narcissus,

Kellie J. Wright

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