Jun 26, 2013


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“I believe we are the beauty in the eye of the beholder and the beholder is our universe. Always present, always available, and always interested in the beauty that is us.” Kellie J. ~ Internal Narcissus

Beauty is in the Eye of the beholder. Whose eye do you behold? It is OK if you do not have an answer because your story is yet to be told. Please do not waste your energy trying to make someone hold your beauty inside of them that no longer wishes to or never did. This is a recipe for disaster mixed with a dash of sin.

It is a trapping of time affecting your presence by blocking your inner beauty from shining bright, thus barring the attraction of your next intended. Yes, the one waiting for your heart and intent to align.

It is ever so true that we can only attract what we radiate, so we have to be present in our wants and desires for cosmic doors to swing open and likeness to gravitate. Never forgetting that attraction is a chemical reaction and a kick we need to process to make sure of its sense.

Especially if we know we are not shining in the hue of our intention, and still listening to old movies, sound tracks, and rants.

It is beyond critical that we keep a steady eye on our horizon while growing-in. It takes a lot of work to let go and trust yourself enough to become the person you want to be maybe even pined for through the years of muddled flesh and dreams tangled in-between; but I assure you with deliberate intent it can and will be done.

My truth is life is not about trying to subtract things from it to fit into it better. I believe it is about finding out exactly who we are so we can unfold into it more perfectly. Taking the time to think about where we want to be and then placing ourselves where we are most likely to find the love and support to get there.

In my dreams I want us all to figure out how to make our days wonderful, our nights magical, and every minute in between an invitation to a new stepping stone leading to a new cliff note of self.

Always looking for a flashlight shining back, so we can find a secret door that opens to parts of us silently waiting to be called up. Ready to report for duty and take part in the conscious content of our lives as the next intended command who is confidant of providing a life worth having and sharing with others.

See, I believe WE are the beauty in the eye of the beholder, and the beholder is the universe. Always present, always available, and always interested. Facilitating a complete envelopment of strength and will in the form of life energies pushed through us by the air and water of now, then, and forever. I believe its love of us is atmospheric. Ever guiding us to go out and wander the streets of our inner dialogue, encouraging us to take-up for our-self while kicking butt and taking numbers.  Our most prized wingman who is always trying to spark the greatest connection of all ~ our connection to self.

Internal Narcissus believes our journey here is to become not to plateau. To keep moving into ourselves as we become more and more self-assured, realizing we are perfectly a part of us and not something imperfect about us. Our bookshelf of self is a gift of tongues steeped in thoughts clinging to memories inside cells that are both light and dark and sweet and salty all slowly melting into our being with the sweet seductive decadence of knowing.

So, I beg you to be kinder to your mind and more thoughtful about your body and very sure about the part you choose to play in your selection of self. And always, I mean always, staying very close, listening further, and trying to remember we are the present manifesting the beauty in the eye of our beholder that is flowing through us now.

Internal Narcissus,

Kellie J. Wright


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