Jun 19, 2013


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“My truth is we are living breathing entities, beautiful bodies in motion, with thoughts in progress, hearts on a journey, and minds afire”. Kellie J. ~ Internal Narcissus

I just moved into my little house and have got quite a few bug bites since I have been here.  It makes sense because I left the safety of a very tightly built apartment that had doors and halls and walls to get through before getting to me. Screens were on every window and I never had to deal with any of these issues. Still, I will take living here over the apartment any day. I liken it to the dangers of opening yourself up again. When I lived in the apartment six layers deep I was isolated and cocooned. Here at the house I open windows and there are doors that lead in and out, so yes there are more ways for little mosquitoes and bugs to get into my house and bite me, but that is part of the re-growing.

We are exposing ourselves to the world brand new again only still haven’t quite figured out how to navigate the things that we need and want. Which I believe is to be closer to the all of the things that make us feel, but still have all the opportunity in the world to take a bite out of us. But it is the next step and a very important one because we have to learn how to take down our walls to navigate the world in real time while still being able to protect ourselves. This step is crucial if we want to move back into the world of the living.

My truth is we have to get involved in and be a part of all the things that help us to breathe, think, and feel again. We can read every book and think and re-think all we have needed to re-learn, but until we can use these new skills in real time and in real situations they are no better use to us then the conclusion that we lived in before we became stronger. It really is diving back in and taking baby steps. It is learning how to be your best friend and most prized possession while learning to remember that we have to choose wisely and that placement is everything, and that everyone we love will change us and us them.

Internal Narcissus really is a mental excavation of the body, soul, and mind. Plan to get dirty digging up roots, sowing new ground, and planting seeds for a foundation and future that is of our choosing. Our mind is our biggest alley and our book of life. It is the one thing in this world that I have set out to understand and become more in alignment with. It is my intention to dig deeper every day and try to be stronger all the way around, building a mental retaining wall for a life that creates a loving fortress of hope. Remembering that I do not have to be or become scared anymore. If the hands of time have forged me and pushed me through my looking glass then together with my own intentions and wishes I refuse to go back.

Because I believe there are parts of us that are always moving and are always going to be exposed no matter how hard we try to hide them. Like our eyes that long to see, our fingers that long to touch, a heart that longs to be matched with love the same on the inside as within, lips that wish to talk and to kiss, legs that want to wrap around, and arms that want to hold. It is our human nature to want to reach out, and one that I do not wish to ever stop moving towards

My truth is we are living breathing entities, beautiful bodies in motion, with thoughts in progress, hearts on a journey, and minds afire.  ~ Hoping and wishing to be understood and connect in real time through purposeful intention and intended placement all facilitated by moving.

Internal Narcissus,

Kellie J. Wright


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