May 8, 2013


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“We are fireworks of energy causing forever connections in our cosmic DNA.” Kellie J. ~ Internal Narcissus

There are pieces of us everywhere. Little parts we have given that can never be recalled. Moving as doubles of energy in lives we know or knew. Settling into places wanted, unwanted, or may not even be realized. They are on pages we have turned, objects we have touched, people’s hearts we have graced or unintentionally miss-given, words and touches shared or thrown, and places we have moved into for a while whether in physicality or spiritually.

I believe everyone we come in contact with will change us as we change them. This is my truth because we are truth, we matter, we are important, and so are things we once coveted or treasured. That said we do have to move on, but please know those pieces do not become moot points of past because they can no longer be realized.

My truth is once we have imprinted on another’s soul parts of us blend causing us to become one with each other creating a forever connection in our cosmic DNA. Fireworks of energy when being shared in real-time with current intentions ~ afterwards little indents and nudges in the back of our heart and in parts of our true being.

It is OK though, people grow and separate for many different reasons, but the real connections that happened, they never go away. They are imprinted in our internal memory bank, shelved as past selections of self, and occasionally we bump up against them whether sought or not, bringing smiles or winces, sometimes both, to our faces. Fortunately, we can lay them to rest with honor and dignity while accepting people change and move on as we must.

My truth is whomever we love whether lover, family, or friend is guaranteed to change us. No matter what, we will not be the same afterwards because we blend in time exchanging energy and thoughts and intentions.  Sparking passion and doubt, building expectation and wants, as we mutate and bind through pieces of energy and thought exchanged in trust and confidence.

These happenings change your mind, they sway and open doors, they push and pull you further and nearer from the place you once were, but always one step closer to where you are supposed to be.  I believe that you cannot take a piece from someone they have to give it, and you have to accept it ~ it is a sharing.

We do not become smaller when we give these pieces. We grow with the gift of giving. Also, that when we give these pieces we do not lose them they are copies of intent.  What someone does with these intentions once they have them is out of our control, so when our pieces no longer fit and it is time to move on I think it is important we talk them out and through. If we can make sense of what happened instead of drawing battle lines attached to old coping mechanisms we may be able to quell the mystery. Sparing feelings and being mindful of each other, so as to inspire strength and kindness not weakness and fear. I know, I know, so much easier said than done…big sigh.

This is not easy, this is survival mixed with change of heart, let alone venue.  Internal values, codes, and rules passed down from generations through and from time running deep, like in your sleep deep, and we need help to wade through and make sense of it all. And we need each other to do it because isolation is not the key here, it is a lock.

That said it is imperative that we try to be more careful of placement and if we cannot yet then please realize they are reasons happening for intended lessons of growth ~ knocking on doors, waging internal wars, and sparking revolutions of the heart.

Life is happening real-time and this is as real as it gets. I think we should start talking about it. Start sharing these things out loud, so they are not mysteries, but cherished events of past, present, and future.

Internal Narcissus believes when we imprint on someone they are internalized becoming a part of us never-dying, but catalogued in the fireworks of our life.  Little pieces of happenings connected in energy, sparking our soul strand, moving through us in flashing sequences as we fluctuate and grow.  Believing that life is happening real-time and as we shift and change that we are never alone. We are a series of life sequences shining brightly together as one, carrying each other down this long and winding road painting the Picasso of fireworks in our lives.

Internal Narcissus,

Kellie J. Wright


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