May 1, 2013


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“People are cherished events happening in real time ~ stay present”. Kellie J ~ Internal Narcissus

Life is a gift sparked by breath. It is not an option, rather a demand from places unknown. Each new day creating moments between thoughts and happenings that become pictures of refuge deep in our hearts content. Every breath a brushstroke of movement and energy painting a life shared between lovers, family, and friends. Creating such bliss it is inconceivable when colors shift or change shaking life’s perspectives to the core. Causing expectations to be kidnapped for ransom to hidden places within memories frozen in mind.

Personally, I think it is normal to have ideas and expectations of how we want to interact with the people we love, but I do not think it is normal to hold on to them so tight we risk losing all. Often we are too subjective with each other when lightning strikes. We close doors to stop loss and do not take time to wonder about what is causing the continental divide.  All too eager to visit old expectations with wreath in hand while not trying to understand the newly developed intention of moments for intended growth.  

My truth is we are family, friends, and lovers affecting each other in very real ways that we may not be aware of because we are busy creatures caught in the middle of our own expectations. Never realizing to ask what others hopes and dreams are on a consistent basis, so we can realign our hopes and dreams for them with theirs. Please remember it is useless to use old expectations or memories to communicate or think about someone in present time because people change daily, so unless we are in daily contact with someone we may not have a clear idea of who they are anymore.

That said I believe the time has come to honor and remember that each person is on their own spiritual journey in accordance with their own timeline. That people are in each other’s lives through intended placement and brought together for intended reasons. That we are someone’s lover, family, or friend on purpose, and here to assist and love each other through all of life’s ups and downs.

Love is the most important lesson of all and it is imperative we learn how to love each other as we are growing, not in time stop motion. Gently letting expectations unfold, so as to no longer hold ourselves and loved ones hostage in memories that can never be realized. Allowing people and relationships to change as we all do. Always remembering people are never a waste of time or intent, nor a fault or error, but a cherished event moving in accordance to our lessons and internal algorithms. So when continents shift leaving internal tectonic plates exposed we must lay down the old and breathe in the new ~ always looking to find a new way to love each other the best we can through it all.

Internal Narcissus believes we are a gift slowly being unwrapped with each new lesson. Magical creatures that are able to touch and flow through each other in ways unimaginable. Insisting that we are perfectly capable of letting go of old expectations to garner in the new, and always, yes I mean always, able to Love more.

Internal Narcissus,

Kellie J. Wright



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