Apr 24, 2013


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“Lessons learned are stepping stones paving the pathway for our internal growth.” ~ Kellie J. Internal Narcissus

I believe everything in life happens for a reason.  Meaning, reasons happen at their own intention, blooming in their own hues, for their own intense purposes whether one is ready or not.

My truth is we all come through and from each other. Our body an internal catacomb of DNA passed down from one generation to the next. A cosmic code between a body blessed with the gift of a soul. We cannot exist without each other. We move through time as one reconnecting with built in triggers, gifts, and memories affecting us in this life.

Where we have placed our self has triggered the left over happenings that were once rushed by or toppled over, and because they were not learned, are now attached intentions pushing their way back into the forefront or frontal lobe of life when likeness strikes.

I believe every step left or right moves in time with the coordinates of our soul’s algorithms ever intending us to beat a step closer to the second before the birth of our recognition. Moving us closer to the place we should be because we can be nowhere else. Further away from the last place we had put our self, but always one step closer to the truth.

We decide where we are going and what we are going to do which ultimately places us where we are.  Now, we may not have had much of a choice in that when we could not, but this is when we have to start looking back in our timeline to shake out old patterns of coping and let these reoccurring lessons be learned. We can only move to the next place from the place that we currently are, so it is imperative the current lesson in placement is learned or we will keep going in circles or stagnant.

Believing this and that everything happens for a reason, I try very hard not to rally to the occasion of the happening. Rather choosing to stay and linger quietly in the moment to gain perspective, so I may grow. But, there is not always grace in growth. The venue can be exhausting and dark, but this is where it happens, so if you find yourself outside yourself dive back in. Parting the waters in a perfect dive to submerge deep into the happening of your souls reason, rallying to your own occasion, and breathing through each stoke of intended learning as it is supposed to be, with your best intentions at heart.

Internal Narcissus believes it is through the understanding of placement that true spiritual growth can occur. We have to grow-in by letting the things happening in our life happen. Always remembering it is an intended lesson of awakening not a punishment for something done wrong.

Internal Narcissus,

Kellie J. Wright

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