Apr 17, 2013


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How do we honor our commitment to others and still honor our commitment to self; and what does it mean to be free? Is it purposeful or just to entertain the idea of being free when it is a Reaction, or is freedom an Action? When do you feel the most free, and do the feelings change as colors wax and wane or crest and coast in the form of day to day life? If one is free, do they have no end in sight? Or is the world their oyster? Is there a safe harbor to lay intentions where one can rest and give all of self? Or is freedom an illusion conjured as a last attempt to shield self from pain in the disguise of limitless possibilities?

Big sigh…I have always railed against the machine saying that someone should never not do something because of me. But now, looking back I am wondering what the heck that meant, or more importantly, what did it sound like? Shocking, for isn’t that what love is? When we care enough to start “not” doing something’s because of someone sharing time and space with us.  Isn’t it the place where you stop and draw the line in heart and might hoping to wonder and give all? Isn’t love the reason we stop looking, running, and start trying harder at everything? Is it not the moment before the second that we cannot remember anything else? Or, is this where freedom becomes magnified or tabled?

I believe freedom’s immaculate energy comes out of the depths of three dimensions demanding to shine bright. I liken it to a sort of Internal Manifest Destiny of the Soul or Magna Carta of the Heart? It is not about money, sex, or religion.  It is about love and the real sense of happiness one has when they have a person to share their bed with and write their own Constitution for their new land agreement. Always, rallying to honor and protect each other at all costs in the belly of the place they call home, which I discern as the safety of each other’s heart.

My truth is, real freedom is in the commitment to care for and love self, other humans, and all the creatures of the Earth; including our lovely host which is the planet we currently are spinning on. I think being free is having the choice to opt in, and should never be opting out, because the intimacy of a love shared is unlike any other on earth.

But, herein lies the rub…we have to be strong, patient, and resilient never giving up on ourselves or others in the happenings of a life lived. We need to find out who we are and then decide who we want to be, and then be that person, only then can we truly be free.

Internal Narcissus is about asking the hard questions of self to decide if freedom is the illusion of safety barked out loud to the universe to protect our mind when we feel scared, or a place of strength in this universe where we never deny the most basic want of a human soul which is to give and receive love freely.


Internal Narcissus,

Kellie J. Wright

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