Apr 10, 2013


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I am a human trying, a divine magical creature made of stardust and moonbeams. Kellie J. ~ Internal Narcissus

I believe we are all divine magical creatures built over time with dust from the stars and light from the moon. Visionaries and dreamers presiding over our own court as our own internal linguist. Royal and rapturous creatures whom when caught off guard strike hard like thunder across the nakedness of our own horizon. All reason leaving in the flash of – 0.13 seconds loosening to a frenzy that is pretty because it is human, but ugly because it has no rhyme or reason. Not many fall gracefully when their footing is ripped out from under and perceived foundations start to shake, but this is when we have one of our greatest moments to shine!

I think to truly love someone whether family, friend, or lover you need to learn them well because how they react or what they are reacting to can be tricky. We have to step outside of our reaction and into theirs during these fearful times. Once outside the happenings we can conduct an examination to see the strength that is fueling the fire and flame. This fear is a cosmic smattering of details and prisms from the past, present, and future. Primarily trying to keep us safe, but ends up doing more harm than good. It does this by blocking out reason, so you need to figure out who they are when reason leaves and insanity starts infecting their mind. If this can be done then you both can walk back out together into a safe place to deflect the storm, come down, and start a conversation in truth. Ah, so much easier said than done…

That said, I think we should spend as much time inspecting the people we loves coping mechanism’s and finding out how they react when they are hurt as we do finding out the things we want to love about them. We must love the light and the dark in someone and accept them for who they are and not let fear find an open avenue to harbor and drive us. Human beings run on several different operating systems, and as with anything in life, no one thing likes to sit dormant. Fear will find a place to dive in and seek comfort. We must be strong and rail against the intruder.

Internal Narcissus is about learning that we are all humans trying. That shifting colors will rise in us without invitation or want because our bodies and minds have their own ideas of our reality and how to act them out once uncertainty sets in; but the soul knows better, so we must fight to protect each other fearlessly through it all.

Internal Narcissus,

Kellie J. Wright

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