Shine Bright

Apr 3, 2013


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Shine bright in whatever color you are in whatever hue calls to you. Be the best one that you can be.  My color is the color of the sun setting. It has always been something that is alive and moving, and for some reason it is always been the sun when it’s setting.  I love fall and winter sun the best. The light is so majestic and alive. Some other things I like are bridges and paths leading out to nowhere over water or through the woods leaving my mind to soar with endless possibilities.  I guess I like to think of my sun off in the distance going to greet other people while I lay my head down to dream and rest for the next day. And my endless paths and bridges out to sea as options of clarity and hope to never stop questioning what is out there.

Whatever color you are shining in shine bright. Think about why the pictures and colors you love move you. Then be the best at those colors or ideas. Every color is different because we are different. Each color has hues that express themselves in so many different shades that they reflect us back in them. They are the different moods we feel and what comprises who we are. I think the most wonderful thing about each of us is that we are all different and should honor these differences by allowing each other to vibrate in that frequency of our uniqueness.Honoring the beauty that shines in the spectrum of light and dark.  It is in everything, night and day, and Yin and Yang. We cannot always hold the same color of uniqueness because we affect each other daily but we can pray for grace in darkness and truth in light.

Namely, we just need to be happy in whatever shade of gray or bright we are.  And remember that being in happiness is not that you are always Susie sunshine. It is nearly that you have done the work and Decided who you are and are playing those cards as well as you can.

In the words of, Abraham Lincoln, “Whatever you are, be a good one.” I think this says it all.  We all want to be good and we all want to be ourselves. Internal Narcissus is about finding your true color in life and vibrating to its frequency. Figuring out who you want to be and then being that person as best you can.


Internal Narcissus,

Kellie J. Wright


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    • Kellie Wright says: April 9, 2013

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