Mar 27, 2013


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Real beauty shines from within, it is called radiance. It glows and shines it wisps and curls around the molecules within our body causing us to affect others with our very presence. The other beauty will affect people until their internal knowledge senses no radiance, no glow, no pureness of thought, no hope, or dignity within the other. The most beautiful beauty is a blending of intent and purpose for a life realized and understood to be exactly where and what it is and does not need to be anything else.

Once realized on a core level this truth resonates and protects in an everlasting ability to shine. Of course we all have days like THAT, the ones mother warned us about. But, that is life and life does not need to affect our core belief system. We need this system to breathe us through the everyday occurrences that affect our life, so they do not define our life.

That said, I believe every action happens as it should, maybe not as we want, but as it is intended to match lessons that must be learned in that moment in time. Often we know not what these lessons are, or why they hurt and pull us in so many directions. My truth is we may never know, that it is for a greater purpose that we only participate in creating ripples in our universe of cause and effect.

Naturally, we are bodies and souls in motion, and we should pay careful attention to the backdrop of our minds. Always thinking about and pondering life’s occurrences as we dance within and through this mortal coil. Learning as we are able to, and not always as we may like by trying to fast forward to where we THINK we want to be. Each occurrence is meant to be a lesson for growth and knowledge gained. Our strength and ability to persevere is what builds this knowledge and makes us beautiful.

Each soul is stunning in whatever effect it means to be while here on Earth. Remember there is only one you and you must care for yourself as a prized possession that you would never harm or let others harm. This is a practice, and not easy all the time, but I do not think life was meant to be easy, for we are too clever. I think we are challenged, pushed, and tested in the hope we may truly learn to SEE.

Internal Narcissus is about learning to recognize beauty comes from growth and knowledge of self. Affecting the beauty that resides within all of us to shine bright.

Internal Narcissus,

Kellie J. Wright


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