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Internal Narcissus is about loving yourself internally and growing in, so you can be the person you were born to be not the person you thought you should become or ended up. The “you” that is calling from distant corners of your mind and beckoning from deep down inside your soul, and loves you so much more than you are accepting. You are waiting for you to begin…you are the only thing holding you back. Internal Narcissus is about the journey within to heal and free mind, body, and soul. I am I.N. are you?

Internal Narcissus, Kellie J. Wright

Are you I.N.? Join the conversation. Be an Internal Narcissus and let us know how you are loving yourself.

Post your comments. Agree or disagree with what is said. Be a part of this new community of self love.

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Sep 13
Sept13Internal Narcissus Radio is excited to introduce, Rosie McPherson as our Staff Photographer!
Rosie will be in the studio and at functions to capture all the beauty, growing, and self-love we can shine bright in!

Internal Narcissist is about learning to love yourself so you can love others.

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Internal Narcissus is about learning to love yourself, so you can love others. Remembering that there is only one you and you are your most prized possession. No one knows you like you, no one can reach you like you, and your life is your gift to behold. I.N. is about finding your true colors in life and vibrating to their frequency.

nwcz150Join us each Sunday as we dive in to discuss the mysteries of ourselves and life ~ Both light and dark and sweet and salty. As we mentally hold hands naturally gravitating to each other through the cosmic airwaves of space and time. Like bees to honey and goodness, this is a place to take comfort in the knowing that it is from and through each other that we grow-in our greatest leaps and bounds.