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Be part of the conversation on what it means to truly love yourself.

Be a part of the conversation of what it means to truly love yourself. Free of judgement, fear, ego, pride, and jealousy. Once we learn to undue what we have accepted or taken on as part of our perception of self ~ we are free from negative self talk.

Start a 90 Day Transformation, and I will assist along your journey. Whenever two or more are in his presence, is how this works. The link to my ebook is on this page, and it is how I walked my mind out of doubt and fear into loving and acceptance of self.

The first step is the hardest, and it will become a way of life. Once we know we can do better, this work becomes a staple item to the goodness it provides. Life is a gift, so make sure you choose to wrap yours in a world that is created by and lived on your terms.

Love, Kellie J. Wright
Voice at Internal Narcissus and Transformation Guide at Internal Journeys.
Face your greatest block, yourself, and then know the meaning of freedom.

Meet the voice of the Internal Narcissus, Kellie J.

Kellie Wright, Hostess of Internal Narcissus

I am an internal narcissus. Loving myself openly, so I can love others truly. People amaze me, I feel their energy when I look at them and expand in their presence. Believing each life is real magic that shines brightly in the venue of its choice vibrating in the hues of its own disposition. Causing our worlds to bleed into each other, measured or not, through juxtaposed strokes of intent, or divine intervention. A blending of spirit and breathe creating the Picasso of the grandest illusion of all, life.

I write about internal byways of thought, action, and perception that are ours to use. Believing we are a magical phenomenon that can radiate vibrational beauty from knowledge harbored deep within. That once we know we are one with source and are never alone we will have nothing to fear.

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Oct 31, 2017

Dear Inner Circle, I am still a hopeful romantic. I still believe in love at first sight. The power of love and all of its divine intricacies and intimacies too, like loving someone's balanced dark and light. It's like loving the sun and the moon. Opening up to let-in during the waxing and waning of hanging on and letting go to old and new while getting to know someone. Yes, love is what we are …

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You can find us Sundays at 3pm on internet radio. Internal Narcissus is about learning to love yourself, so you can love others. Remembering that there is only one you and you are your most prized possession. No one knows you like you, no one can reach you like you, and your life is your gift to behold. I.N. is about finding your true colors in life and vibrating to their frequency. Join us each Sunday as we dive in to discuss the mysteries of ourselves and life ~ Both light and dark and sweet and salty. As we mentally hold hands naturally gravitating to each other through the cosmic airwaves of space and time. Like bees to honey and goodness, this is a place to take comfort in the knowing that it is from and through each other that we grow-in our greatest leaps and bounds.